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    What's Top Of Mind For Mid-Law Firm Heads In 2024

    Artificial intelligence and its implications for the legal industry are top of mind for many Mid-Law firm heads at the dawning of 2024, along with issues relating to talent acquisition and succession planning and concerns about the wider economy.

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    3 Issues Managing Partners Are Watching Heading Into 2024

    In the midst of economic changes and global uncertainties, law firm leaders are once again planning for the year ahead with a keen eye on an array of factors — from market trends and client demands to technological advancements and regulatory shifts — that are shaping the legal industry.

  • North Carolina Justice Building Supreme Court.jpg

    State Courts' Growing Politicization May Get Worse In 2024

    State judiciaries are becoming more overtly political, and important elections, rulings and ethics cases could exacerbate that partisanship in 2024, experts worry.

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    4 Major Concerns On GCs' Minds For 2024

    As general counsel plan for the new year, they expect disrupted sleep over keeping up with artificial intelligence and states' data privacy laws, as well as navigating anti-diversity litigation and rhetoric, among other issues.

  • Jewish And Muslim Groups Stand By 3rd Circuit Nominee

    Jewish and Muslim groups have been rallying to support the nomination of Adeel Mangi to the Third Circuit, who would be the first Muslim federal appeals court judge if confirmed, following "unnecessary and unhelpful" questions by Republican senators during his confirmation hearing last week.

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    Expect More Tech And Talent Roles In The Law Firm C-Suite

    Law firms have been hiring more and more non-lawyers to their C-suite, and experts tell Law360 the trend will continue, with new executive roles focusing on tech, talent and innovation.

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    2 IP Litigation Firms Giving Above-Average Holiday Bonuses

    Tensegrity Law Group LLP and Irell & Manella LLP are the latest firms to blow the market rate end-of-year bonus standard out of the water, according to published reports.

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    5 Business Development New Year's Resolutions

    As 2023 wraps up, many lawyers are turning their attention to the New Year and the potential it holds for finding new clients and generating business. Here, five successful lawyers offer up their favorite business development New Year’s resolutions.

  • Robinson & Cole Promotes 7 To Partner, Counsel

    Robinson & Cole LLP, which has more than 250 lawyers in 11 offices, has elected three of its attorneys to partner and promoted four to counsel, effective Jan. 1.

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    Big Moments In Delaware's Legal Industry In 2023

    It was another busy year filled with big moments in Delaware's legal community and in its nationally important courts, one that included a Chancery Court call for attorneys to take a more constructive approach to litigation to help ease its overflowing caseload.

  • D. Stuart Bartow

    Duane Morris Expands IP Team In Del. With Silicon Valley Atty

    One of Duane Morris LLP's experienced intellectual property attorneys previously based only in its Silicon Valley office will now spend much of his time in the global firm's Delaware office, handling IP litigation in one of the nation's busiest patent jurisdictions.

  • Christiane Schuman Campbell and Matthew C. Gaudet

    Duane Morris Taps Philly, Atlanta Attys As IP Co-Leaders

    Duane Morris LLP has named two partners in Philadelphia and Atlanta to the leadership ranks of the firm's growing intellectual property practice.

  • iStock-1306230734.jpg

    Boutique Bests BigLaw Bonuses, Raises 6 Months After Debut

    Perry Law, a litigation boutique that opened its doors just six months ago, is already competing in the big leagues when it comes to salary increases and year-end bonuses.

  • iStock-487622455-three-directions.jpg

    What Drove BigLaw To Flock To These 3 Regions In 2023

    Large U.S. law firms took particular interest in two domestic and one international region in 2023, opening up offices for the first time in Florida, California and Saudi Arabia.

  • yay-bonus.jpg

    McKool Smith, Other Firms Set 2024 Associate Salary Info

    McKool Smith is the latest among several firms that have opted to match or exceed the 2024 salary scale for associates set last month by Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP, with the firm eclipsing the scale by $5,000 for its more recent associates, the firm told Law360 Pulse on Tuesday.

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    These Were The Biggest Issues For GCs In 2023

    Backlash to institutional efforts around ESG. Unforeseen risks of AI. Explosive union campaigns. These were some of the main concerns for general counsel across sectors over the last 12 months.

  • 2023-tech-predictions.jpg

    The Trends That Shaped The Legal Industry In 2023

    As 2023 draws to a close, the legal industry has the opportunity to look back on a year with some exceptional highs and lows, including multiple law firm dissolutions, a number of lawyer layoffs and, more recently, the wide adoption of associate compensation increases. Here, Law360 takes a look at the year’s most consequential news events and what they mean for the industry.

  • Judge Jeffrey Sutton

    Approach The Bench: Judge Sutton On State Constitutions

    State constitutions are often overlooked by lawyers, law schools and judges, according to Sixth Circuit Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton, but their importance was brought to the fore when the U.S. Supreme Court recently ended the federal right to abortion.

  • iStock-1352840284-holiday-mental-health.jpg

    How Firms Can Buttress Mental Health During The Holidays

    The holiday season is stressful and overwhelming for many people, and with particular vulnerabilities in the legal industry around mental health, it's a time of year when law firms should take additional steps to ensure their people are healthy and happy, experts say.

  • Oil Co. Defends Appeal In Fraud Suit Against Pittsburgh Firm

    An oil and gas producer alleging it was defrauded by a Pittsburgh-based law firm in a land purchase deal defended its appeal to the Third Circuit, asking the court to reinstate its fraud litigation against Tucker Arensberg after the case was dismissed as time-barred.

  • legal_ethics.jpg

    Atty Insider Trading Cases Highlight Ongoing Ethics Woes

    Insider trading is nothing new, but 2023 was a banner year for prosecutions involving attorneys, with cases that highlight what ethics experts say is an ongoing problem in the legal industry: lawyers flouting the law and best practices through neglect or hubris.

  • iStock-1349106104.jpg

    5 Issues That Shaped Legal Tech In 2023 Besides AI

    While generative text tools dominated the headlines in 2023, the legal tech industry faced several other big issues this year, including cybersecurity, consolidation and talent demand.

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    Williams & Connolly Tops Cravath's 2024 Pay For Associates

    Williams & Connolly LLP has eclipsed the prevailing 2024 associate wage scale set by Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP, pledging to pay its attorneys an annual base salary of up to $65,000 more than its counterpart, according to published reports.

  • Vice Chancellor Says Funko Must Face 'Double-Dipping' Suit

    A Delaware vice chancellor declined Monday to toss a class action suit against pop culture consumer products company Funko — saying, among other things, that shareholders adequately claimed the company's board members breached fiduciary duties by "trapping" $74 million of excess cash instead of giving it to common shareholders.

  • Catching Up With Delaware's Chancery Court

    The Delaware Chancery Court last week docketed new shareholder suits against Amazon and Peloton, a possible settlement between SiriusXM stockholders and Liberty Media, a setback for Berkshire Hathaway, and a "distressing read" of Delaware law from Segway Inc.

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Expert Analysis

  • Keys To Digitizing Inefficient Contract Management Processes Author Photo

    Neville Eisenberg and Mark Grayson at BCLP explain how they sped up contract execution for one client by replacing email with a centralized, digital tool for negotiations and review, and how the principles they adhered to can be helpful for other law firms looking to improve poorly managed contract management processes.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can Firms Coach Associates Remotely? Author Photo

    Practicing law through virtual platforms will likely persist even after the pandemic, so law firms and senior lawyers should consider refurbishing their associate mentoring programs to facilitate personal connections, professionalism and effective training in a remote environment, says Carol Goodman at Herrick Feinstein.

  • How Law Firms Can Welcome And Celebrate Autistic Lawyers Author Photo

    As the U.S. observes Autism Acceptance Month, autistic attorney Haley Moss describes the societal barriers and stereotypes that keep neurodivergent lawyers from disclosing their disabilities, and how law firms can better accommodate and level the playing field for attorneys whose minds work outside of the prescribed norm.

  • Law Firm Tips For Evaluating AI And Machine Learning Tools Author Photo

    Many legal technology vendors now sell artificial intelligence and machine learning tools at a premium price tag, but law firms must take the time to properly evaluate them as not all offerings generate process efficiencies or even use the technologies advertised, says Steven Magnuson at Ballard Spahr.

  • A Call For Personal Accountability On Diversity And Inclusion Author Photo

    While chief legal officers are increasingly involved in creating corporate diversity, inclusion and anti-bigotry policies, all lawyers have a responsibility to be discrimination busters and bias interrupters regardless of the title they hold, says Veta T. Richardson at the Association of Corporate Counsel.

  • Learning How To Code Can Unleash New Potential In Lawyers Author Photo

    Every lawyer can begin incorporating aspects of software development in their day-to-day practice with little to no changes in their existing tools or workflow, and legal organizations that take steps to encourage this exploration of programming can transform into tech incubators, says George Zalepa at Greenberg Traurig.

  • Supporting Associates Amid Pandemic's Mental Health Toll Author Photo

    As junior associates increasingly report burnout, work-life conflict and loneliness during the pandemic, law firms should take tangible actions to reduce the stigma around seeking help, and to model desired well-being behaviors from the top down, say Stacey Whiteley at the New York State Bar Association and Robin Belleau at Kirkland.

  • The Importance Of Client Engagement In Law Firm Innovation Author Photo

    As clients increasingly want law firms to serve as innovation platforms, firms must understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach — the key is a nimble innovation function focused on listening and knowledge sharing, says Mark Brennan at Hogan Lovells.

  • The Unique Challenges Facing Women-Owned Law Firms Author Photo

    In addition to establishing their brand from scratch, women who start their own law firms must overcome inherent bias against female lawyers and convince prospective clients to put aside big-firm preferences, says Joel Stern at the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms.

  • The Pursuit Of Wellness In BigLaw: Lessons From My Journey Author Photo

    Jane Jeong at Cooley shares how grueling BigLaw schedules and her own perfectionism emotionally bankrupted her, and why attorneys struggling with burnout should consider making small changes to everyday habits.

  • Why We Must Recruit And Advance More Black Prosecutors Author Photo

    Black Americans make up a disproportionate percentage of the incarcerated population but are underrepresented among elected prosecutors, so the legal community — from law schools to prosecutor offices — must commit to addressing these disappointing demographics, says Erika Gilliam-Booker at the National Black Prosecutors Association.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can Associates Deal With Overload? Author Photo

    Young lawyers overwhelmed with a crushing workload must tackle the problem on two fronts — learning how to say no, and understanding how to break down projects into manageable parts, says Jay Harrington at Harrington Communications.

  • A Scientific Path For Improving Diversity At Law Firms Author Photo

    Law firms could combine industrial organizational psychology and machine learning to study prospective hires' analytical thinking, stress response and similar attributes — which could lead to recruiting from a more diverse candidate pool, say Ali Shahidi and Bess Sully at Sheppard Mullin.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can Associates Seek More Assignments? Author Photo

    In the first installment of Law360 Pulse's career advice guest column, Meela Gill at Weil offers insights on how associates can ask for meaningful work opportunities at their firms without sounding like they are begging. 

  • Legal Sector Regulatory Reform Is Key To Closing Justice Gap Author Photo

    In order to improve access to justice for those who cannot afford a lawyer, states should consider regulatory innovations, such as allowing new forms of law firm ownership and permitting nonlawyers to provide certain legal services, says Patricia Lee Refo, president of the American Bar Association.



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