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  • Ethics Watchdog Eyes Conn. Atty Who Slapped Lawyer

    A Connecticut lawyer who has faced previous disciplinary actions is expected to be scrutinized by an ethics panel after being convicted of slapping an attorney outside a Nutmeg State courthouse and other criminal infractions.

  • Woodsford Affiliate Prevails In Fee Feud With SF Firm

    An affiliate of British litigation funder Woodsford has secured a $1.8 million arbital award and $1.2 million in interest from a San Francisco law firm following the 2019 settlement of a lawsuit against Google, a Delaware federal judge confirmed Monday.

  • 2_up_Slater Seibert.png

    12 Attys Depart Plunkett Cooney For Own Firm

    A dozen Plunkett Cooney PC attorneys based in Michigan have broken away to create their own firm focused on auto insurance liability defense.

  • Fla. Tax Law Firm Fights Class Cert. In Wisconsin Fraud Row

    A Florida-based tax law firm has asked a Wisconsin federal judge to trim a proposed class action fraud suit launched by former customers claiming the firm solicited fees without performing work.

  • Lynn Sherman.png

    Jackson Walker Adds Water Expert In Austin To Enviro Team

    Jackson Walker LLP is expanding its environmental regulatory team, bringing in a water policy expert, who most recently has been working at his own solo firm, as a partner in its Austin office.

  • No Sanctions Yet For 'Wrong More Than Right' BigLaw Atty

    A Harris County judge on Friday denied a Houston firm's request to sanction a former associate despite noting that the now-BigLaw partner "has been wrong more than he's been right" during a suit he brought over $32,000 in back wages.

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    After COVID Office Cuts, Firms Will Do 'More With Less'

    Things are settling back into place in the legal office space market after the great upheavals caused by COVID-19, with most law firms now focused on making the best use of their existing space after a round of pandemic-era downsizing, according to a new survey.

  • Colorado Firm Must Face Atty's Claim Over Alleged Retaliation

    A Colorado state judge has ruled that a personal injury firm that sued a former attorney for allegedly trying to dodge a prior judgment must face her counterclaim accusing the firm of filing a retaliatory action after she accused it of unfair labor practices.

  • Law360 Legal Lions Of The Week

    Mitchell Law PLLC, Gessler Blue LLC and Dhillon Law Group Inc. lead this week's edition of Law360 Legal Lions after the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously found that states can't bar former president Donald Trump from running for reelection this year based on a 14th Amendment provision.

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    Fla. Atty Suspended Over Bogus Cases After Possible AI Use

    A Florida federal judge on Friday suspended an attorney from practicing law in the Middle District of Florida for one year after he fabricated cases listed on court documents, saying they may have resulted from his use of artificial intelligence.

  • Trump_Investigations_Eastman_52512.jpg

    Calif. Bar's Bid To Hike License Fees Raises Atty Eyebrows

    California attorneys seem largely skeptical of the state bar's insistence that a "substantial" hike in its attorney licensing fees is necessary to stave off financial disaster, questioning the reasons for a potential fee increase and its impact on solo lawyers.

  • iStock-912617272.jpg

    Legal Industry Adds 2,700 Jobs In February

    Employment in the U.S. legal sector rebounded in February, showing a slight increase following a decline at the beginning of the year, according to preliminary data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • class_action.jpg

    Class Suits Among Companies' Fastest-Growing Legal Costs

    An annual survey of more than 300 large companies shows that class action spending was up to a record high in 2023, with the percentage of companies facing class action lawsuits at the highest level since the survey began 13 years ago, and total expenditures reaching nearly $4 billion.

  • iStock-1321074570.jpg

    By The Numbers: Why Associates Stay At Their Firms

    After a flood of associates left their firms in search of greener pastures as part of the "talent wars" of the early 2020s, the National Association for Law Placement wanted to know what made other early-career attorneys decide instead to stay put. Here, Law360 Pulse takes a look at how compensation, work-life balance, and a dozen other factors helped play a role.

  • Ambrose Mills Adds IP Expert From Sterne Kessler In Virginia

    Ambrose Mills & Lazarow PLLC, a corporate and IP boutique, has hired an intellectual property attorney from Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox LLP who focuses on patent matters and brings over a decade of experience, Ambrose Mills announced Thursday.

  • Joseph Belluck.png

    Belluck & Fox Founder Appointed To NY Judicial Commission

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul reappointed Joseph W. Belluck, founding partner of mesothelioma law firm Belluck & Fox LLP, as chair of the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, according to a press release Thursday.

  • srd.png

    Military Spouses Are Untapped Pool Of Attorney Talent

    Service members' spouses in the legal profession present a massive well of untapped talent, though balancing a law career with their families' service to the country can be challenging, attorneys working in and with this community tell Law360 Pulse.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    The legal industry marked the beginning of March with another busy week as BigLaw firms made new hires and adjusted their practices.

  • Mich. Atty Faces Arrest After Skipping Vote Tamper Hearing

    A Michigan attorney accused of tampering with voting machines after the 2020 election must turn herself in by the end of the day Friday or risk being arrested after failing to show up for a hearing in her criminal case Thursday.

  • Mass. Atty's AI Gaffe Prompts Warning, 'Restrained' Penalty

    A Massachusetts judge has put the state's legal bar on notice of the dangers of trusting artificial intelligence by sanctioning an attorney $2,000 for filing court papers that were full of realistic-sounding but fictitious case citations.

  • Calif. Bar Pursues Atty Discipline Over LADWP Billing Scandal

    The California State Bar announced Thursday it has filed seven disciplinary charges against a San Fernando Valley attorney accused of scheming with lawyers representing the city of Los Angeles to settle a customer billing class action favorably for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, a public utility.

  • Mich. Law Firm Owes Atty Fees For Unauthorized Tax Appeal

    A Michigan law firm that appealed a country club's tax assessment without the club's authorization must cover the costs and attorney fees that a township incurred in litigating the case, the state's tax tribunal ruled.

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    Two Calif. Estate Litigation Firms Merge, Form Vincere LLP

    Two small California law firms that specialize in litigation to help beneficiaries claim money in disputes over trusts and estates have merged into a new firm called Vincere LLP.

  • LA Firms Allegedly Fool Client Into Investing $2M In Bad Deals

    A California businessman has sued two Los Angeles law firms for allegedly tricking him into sinking $2 million worth of ultimately bad investments into businesses that his attorneys failed to disclose they were partial owners of.

  • Marc Agnifilo and Teny Geragos

    Brafman Attys Known For Repping Big Names Open Firm

    A trio of former Brafman & Associates PC lawyers with a history of representing high-profile figures like former Goldman Sachs executive Roger Ng have launched their own criminal defense practice in Manhattan.

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