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    Law Firm Real Estate Report

    January saw a string of notable office moves by national and regional firms across the country as outfits including Blank Rome LLP, Duane Morris LLP and others announced changes to their footprints.

  • Pa. Atty Suspended For Conduct In Cat Food Case

    A Philadelphia-area attorney has been suspended from practicing law for a year and a day, after the state's disciplinary board concluded he repeatedly and publicly misrepresented facts in a case against J.M. Smucker Co. over a cat food recall, and in three other cases as well.

  • NJ Atty Escapes Disbarment After Bank Fraud Conviction

    New Jersey real estate attorney Martin D. Eagan, who pleaded guilty in 2021 to bank fraud for his role in a reverse mortgage scheme defrauding elderly homeowners, will not lose his law license despite the conviction, according to a New Jersey Supreme Court order.

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    Why Lawyers Would Benefit From Honing Their 'Rest Ethic'

    The legal field is brimming with people who are intimately familiar with work ethic, but often don't know how to adequately and effectively rest in order to be their most effective selves, according to a Thursday presentation at the Institute for Well-Being in Law's 2024 Virtual Annual Conference.

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    Law Firms Expanded Recruiting Reach Even As Hiring Slowed

    As overall lateral hiring slowed in 2023, a new report from Leopard Solutions found that the top 200 U.S. law firms have continued to extend their recruitment efforts beyond their usual networks, bringing in attorneys from smaller firms at the same rate as their BigLaw counterparts.

  • Conn. Atty Must Withdraw Billing Notices To Rival's Clients

    Stamford, Connecticut-based intellectual property attorney Paul D. Greeley must send corrective messages to a competitor's clients after his firm accidentally sent them allegedly improper billing statements, a Connecticut federal judge ordered Wednesday.

  • Fla. Atty Escapes Sanctions After Clients Penalized

    A Florida federal judge on Tuesday denied Taser's bid to sanction rival stun-gun maker Phazzer Electronics' attorney after finding that the attorney did not act unreasonably or in bad faith in the dispute, which ended earlier this month with a default judgment in the infringement suit against Phazzer over discovery violations.

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    Is A Boom In Remote Work Tempering Virtual Firms' Growth?

    Following a period of rapid expansion, the headcount growth at some virtual-oriented law firms has leveled off in recent years, a shift some attribute to the widespread adoption of remote work policies by traditional brick-and-mortar law firms and increased productivity fueled by integrating new technologies.

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    Pashman Stein Says Atty Owes Fees For Firm Breakup Case

    Pashman Stein Walder Hayden PC has sued the firm of a New Jersey intellectual property attorney who was a former client of the firm for failing to pay a nearly $90,000 legal bill that he allegedly ran up in litigation against his former law partners.

  • Litigation Funder Accuses Law Firm Of Fraudulent Home Sale

    Arguing for an early win on a claim of fraudulent transfer amid a $3 million fee suit against a New Jersey law firm, litigation funder Balanced Bridge Funding LLC is alleging Mitnick Law Office purchased, then sold a beach house at a discounted rate to principal Craig Mitnick during the firm's supposed insolvency in 2018.

  • Pa. Debt Relief Firms Settle AG's Deception Claims

    A pair of law firms advertising debt settlement services will pay a total of at least $75,000 to their former clients as part of a settlement with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office to end allegations of deceptive advertising and telemarketing, the office announced Wednesday.

  • Texas Firm Can't Intervene In Injury Suit For Unrelated Fees

    A Texas appeals court won't let a South Texas law firm intervene in a personal injury suit seeking legal fees for more than 60 other cases, saying the fees it seeks are not related to the case at issue and the firm should instead file a separate action.

  • Client Beats Sanctions For Atty Refusing To Turn On Webcam

    A California appeals court has nixed a $10,000 sanction against a client whose attorney refused to turn on his computer camera during an online deposition connected to a couple's divorce proceedings.

  • Wash. Firm Must Face Suit Over Lost $1M Escrow Fund

    A Spokane, Washington, firm must face claims that it mishandled $1 million of investor funds, a federal judge in the Evergreen State has determined, saying that although the investors were not law firm clients, "pleadings are sufficient to establish that plaintiffs' injury plausibly would not have occurred but for the acts and omissions of defendants."

  • Disbarred NJ Atty Accused Of Repping Client Despite Conflict

    The estate of a deceased New Jersey businessman has accused the man's longtime attorney of negligently advising him to pay $350,000 to settle a suit brought by a former business partner, despite the attorney allegedly having a conflict of interest and being disbarred at the time.

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    Dilworth Paxson Absorbs Philly-Area Trust And Estate Firm

    Philadelphia-based Dilworth Paxson LLP announced Tuesday that it's absorbing the small firm Yorkway Law Group, a step that expands the firm's trust and estate practice and bolsters its presence in Bucks County and Montgomery County, areas outside Philadelphia with large numbers of wealthy estate planning clients.

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    Approach The Bench: Judge Chu On Pioneering Virtual Trials

    In the summer of 2020, Nick Chu, a young justice of the peace in Austin, Texas, made history by presiding over the nation's first virtual criminal jury trial.

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    More Law School Graduates Are Shouldering Loan Debt

    Most law graduates finance their graduate education through loans, and the proportion of law graduates borrowing for law school has increased, according to a Tuesday report from AccessLex Institute.

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    Why Client Service Is The Most Valued Firm Culture Trait

    When asked about the qualities that inspire positive feelings about their firms' cultures, lawyers pointed to a high priority on client service above all else in a recent survey by legal recruiting firm Major Lindsey & Africa and Law360 Pulse.

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    What Lawyers Really Think About Law Firm Culture

    Here are a few things lawyers had to say when asked to describe their firm’s culture and whether their firms were focusing on the most important cultural priorities.

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    Younger Attys Are Looking For More From Law Firm Culture

    Younger attorneys are looking for better policies around attorney well-being and work-life balance, more diversity, and more mentorship and training from their law firms, according to the results of a new survey.

  • Law Group Says Malpractice Suit Over Franchise Fight Is Late

    A law firm pushed back on malpractice claims on Monday, arguing that allegations a former garbage service client made about bad legal advice that led to millions in company losses should be dismissed because the suit violated statute of limitation rules, among other issues.

  • 'Diesel Brothers' Attys May Face Sanctions In Emissions Case

    Attorneys representing hosts of Discovery Channel's "Diesel Brothers" have been ordered by a Utah federal judge to show why sanctions shouldn't be levied on them in connection with their clients' failure to satisfy a judgment in a Clean Air Act lawsuit.

  • Immigration Atty Hit With Charges Over Green Card Scheme

    The U.S. Department of Justice and the New York attorney general have charged a Bronx immigration attorney and his son with fraud, alleging they sought green cards for clients based on false claims of domestic abuse.

  • Cyberattack Yields Mistrial In Scam Marketing Case

    A Colorado federal judge declared a mistrial Monday morning in prosecutors' fraud case against workers accused of boosting their employer's clients' scams, telling jurors picked last week their service was no longer needed after an unspecified hacking incident over the weekend. 

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